Privacy Policy

This policy centres on the utilization of individual data. We recognise the significance of secrecy and the detail that users often share private data with us. We apply all required procedures to ensure the safety of your personal data and maintain firm secrecy by refraining from disclosing it to any exterior entities. The private information that you give in will be used for the purpose of fulfilling your request. With the exception of necessary info required for the acquisitions or utilization of our provisions, no further misuse of your information takes place.

At, our promise to maintain consumer privacy serves as a testament to our sincerity. The objective of this Privacy Statement is to define the manner in which private data given by users or collected from our website is applied. Our Policy undergoes constant updates to ensure the safety of your information. Therefore, it is suggested that people regularly review this Policy in order to remain updated about any alterations.

The use of personal information

The collection and use of private data is conducted in order to facilitate the maintenance of the user relationship. In addition, we offer account management provisions and grant users full access to the website, confirming the collection and appropriate use of their personal information. The processing of personal data is led in accordance with a legal framework, which implies the acceptable fulfilment of legal commitments between parties while presenting the platform to individuals. The personal info provided by users is utilized to improve the procedure of selling materials on the platform and to facilitate the fulfilment of contractual duties between both parties, hence expediting the transaction.

Moreover, the facts that have been presented can be employed to increase the efficacy of the platform, manage our institution, deliver consistent updates regarding any modifications to our terms and conditions, present novel features and modernises, create modified content tailored to your preferences, and advance the calibre of our offerings. Moreover, there exists the possibility for modifying the improvement and use of machine learning. The entirety of the given information will be utilized in adherence to contractual obligations with the aim of improving the platform and its associated services.

In the event that an adjustment is made to one’s profile settings with the intention of ceasing the receipt of tailored marketing communications, it is noteworthy that the marketing message may persistently manifest on the platform.